The Ladies Love: Gwen Stefani

From the very second I peeped my first No Doubt video (“Just a Girl”), I fell in love with Gwen Stefani. I was so intrigued by this vivacious, energetic, platinum-blonde beauty who possessed a different kind of stage presence I’d never before witnessed in any female artist. She captured me. She enamoured me. She mesmerized me. To this very day, she still inspires me.

Today, I salute my favorite style icon: Gwen Stefani

Let’s take a look at a few of Gwen’s biggest envelope-pushing moments in fashion:

No Doubt – “Spiderwebs” music video

Gwen burst onto the scene sporting a bindi, a midriff baring wife-beater embroidered with “Gwen” in old English, and plaid punk rock trousers. Suddenly, the local Claire’s stores in the mall were stocked with bindis and teenage girls everywhere could be found stealing their boyfriend’s wife-beaters and doing 500 crunches a day in order to get fab Gwen abs. Sigh…including me.

No Doubt – “Don’t Speak” music video

Sporting the bindi again, Gwen starts another trend by rocking out barefoot in a vintage navy blue and white polka-dotted, knee length dress. I, too, was one of the many girls that scoured my local vintage store in hopes of scooping up a copy-cat dress. Oh, but let’s not forget those ruby red lips that she’s also well-known for. It’s very rare to catch her outside the house with perfectly lined, scarlet red lips. Sheer perfection.

Henna? What the hell is henna? Only Miss Stefani could make an appearance on Saturday Night Live rocking weird shit on her hands only to start the next biggest trend in teenage fashion. Suddenly, like those bindis, henna kits started appearing at Wet Seal and Contempo Casual stores nationwide. Wow.

Visible g-string. Iconic “RockSteady” belt. Halter top. Fabulous Abs. Goddamn!

This picture was taken for the cover of Rolling Stone Magazine upon Gwen’s first solo outing and in anticipation of her first solo release, “LoveAngelMusicBaby.” The cover served as one of the very first showcases for Gwen’s fashion line, “L.A.M.B.”, and women everywhere searched high and low to get their hands on the black L.A.M.B. cashmere hoodie pictured on Gwen. I was lucky enough to find this hoodie and I will NEVER part with it.

Not your typical bride, nuh-uh. Gwen defied the traditional wedding dress and dazzled on her wedding day wearing a custom-made white and pink silk fraille wedding dress by John Galliano for Dior and an antique lace veil also made by Galliano. She loved this dress so much that she wore it again for a second wedding that her and Gavin Rossdale had 2 weeks later.

This picture served as the cover for Gwen’s second solo album, “The Sweet Escape.” Gwen stated in an interview that her look was inspired by Michelle Pfeiffer’s look in the movie “Scarface.” Sexy. Michelle Pfeiffer would be proud.

Gwen rocked this look for the 2009 No Doubt Summer Reunion Tour. Looking like a dapper, chola’d out ringmaster, Gwen Stefani was BACK. After 2 babies and a nearly 5 year hiatus, fans were beyond psyched to see Gwen hit the stage again with No Doubt. But those abs! Oh my god, those abs! Gwen’s abs are a style icon on their own.

Gwen Stefani, the ladies salute you! xoxo

*Note: I do not claim any of these photos as mine. Photos were taken from various Gwen/No Doubt websites*


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