The Sacred Chapter Art Show

What can we say????? That day was a good day…ooooh woah… Push Gallery is a comfy historic home conversion in the heart of Roosevelt’s Art District. The gallery’s curator Matt Brown is not only a talented artist, community advocate, ninja…..(are you paying attention???), and all around nice guy; he is a gracious host creating an inviting and inspiring vibe, maintaining the focus on the visions of the artist’s and their art. The Sacred Chapter collective showing included some of the most amazing and underrated artists Arizona has to offer; James Hiralez, Trent Larson, J Business, Chris Burkheart, Ray Rivas, & Julius Demetrius. This show lived up to it’s name with a focus on things truly sacred such as the female form & an homage to classical art with mad doses of new school flavor. Lets take a gander at all this showing had to offer…

~Ray Rivas~


A simple and seductive piece, highlighting one of the most sensuous aspects of female form.
~James Hiralez~
A tribute to Michelangelo’s Pieta…..We love an artist who recognizes the classics. Seriously tagged at somewhere around a hundred bucks….James you Crazy!!!
Old school love….new school flava.
Music makes me lose control…
Mr. Hiralez you are truly a one man dynamo of diversity.
~J Business~
Every aspect of this is art….people included =)
~Trent Larson~
Ingenuity on canvas.
We think the fact that she is wearing glasses says it all……
~Jules Demetrius~
Julius, did u really make her hold her boobs the whole time?

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