The Musical Instrument Museum

Step right up, ladies and gents!  Come, see, and experience the world’s first global musical instrument museum located in the heart of the scorching AZ desert.  It seems that sunny, dry heat is good not only for elderly folks, but for rare instruments you want to keep in pristine condition as well. 😉 It’s packed with information and instruments from around the world; very apt since music truly is a universal language, used by people all over the globe.  The Musical Instrument Museum (also affectionately known as the MiM) is a highly interactive experience for the young and old –

it's fully-functional and playable!

“Music is something all humans share, a source of beauty and comfort in our daily lives, a means to give voice to our joy in times of celebration and a powerful force that brings us all together. Music is the lifelong friend that we all have in common.

The Musical Instrument Museum (MIM) celebrates music as all of these things—a sustaining human gift and wellspring of global culture. We invite people from every nation and walk of life to come and share in this common legacy, be amazed by the beauty and diversity of musical instruments from all across the globe, and be enriched by their sounds and the stories they have to tell.” (via

Besides being a museum where you can see musical instruments, the MiM is constantly receiving world-renowned artists in every field who come and hold musical WORKSHOPS for young musicians and master workshops for those looking to perfect their craft.  Special concerts are held as well by these master musicians.  Buy your tickets early because they sell out FAST.

did you see the see-thru? 😉

quite possibly the most phallic instrument OF ALL TiME.

There are guided and self-guided tours available.  Your experience is enhanced with walkman-like contraptions that begin to project the sounds of the instrument/display you are in front of – very cool indeed. 🙂

you HEAR the cocknballs being played!!! 😀 it's actually very beautiful. 🙂

The museum takes you thru all of the continents: Africa, Asia,

South America,

Europe, and then finally into America — where we were all pleasantly surprised to see a display dedicated to a set of turntables with the words ‘HIP HOP’ on top.  It warmed our hearts indeed.

The whole place was pretty cool.  Even a lifelong band geek such as myself found instruments I had never heard of or seen before.  Being able to watch + listen to footage of people playing these gadgets was fascinating to the eyes and ears.  To top it off, at the end of the tour there’s a huge room with a ton of instruments laid out where people are encouraged to pick the up, strum them, thump them, and make music of their own. 😀


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