Made in the Shade Beer Festival

Since moving to AZ from another state, I have made the slight observation that Arizonans love their liquor. 😉  Wine, hard spirits, fruity concoctions, ale, beer  – it’s all appreciated here under the sun.  If your weapon of choice happens to come cold and  frothy in a mug, you’re in luck, my friend.

Made in the Shade, Flagstaff AZ

Sun Sounds of Arizona (a KiCKASS non-profit organization dedicated to transforming printed word into sound for the vision disabled) holds three BEER FESTIVALS every year in the three major cities of AZ : Phoenix, Tucson, & Flagstaff.

Over 50 different micro-breweries and distillers make it to these festivals, which in turn makes these festivals an absolute haven for those that appreciate more than just what Budweiser, Coors, or Miller Light as to offer + have a flair for dressing up. 😉


chicken man!

jazz hands!

the whole cast of Gilligan's Island!

even injured people have to desire for good beer + community! 🙂

let it all hang out!

Make it a point to check these events out!  It’s a perfect way to help out a great cause AND get your beer on.

For more info on when + where, check out:

p.s.  if you happen to be beer-impaired like me and want learn more about the culture and movement behind micro-breweries and GOOD BEER, check out this great documentary:

available on Netflix 🙂


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