Hard Summer L.A. 2010

Happy Birthday NATASHA! Keepitight!

Breakfast in bed with Laneezy.. Love yous. Deeee-lish!

The journey to get in HARD fest was ridiculous! Cops everywhere, you had to walk a mile and across the street to reach the ticket booth (WILL CALL), than walk all the way thru this long dirt maze. ABSOLUTELY OUTRAGEOUS!

Perhaps the ONLY backpack that made the CUT @ hardfest! 😛 ~Dubba

When I attempted to enter HARD, they made it real HARD for me to get in, DEMANDING I cut the straps off my backpack purse! Why, what was the point of this? To inconvenience me? WTF! FUCK YOU HARD FEST!

The Main Stage

Keep It Tight in full effect!

The Second Stage

FUCK YOU HARD SUMMER L.A.! You made me cut off the straps of my mini backpack, while others did not, you MAN-HANDLED WENDY FUCKIN LEE, like it was kewl, and you sent me on a crazy ass 2 mile mission just to get in! The music was amazing, but FUCK YOU HARD FEST!

Not only was Stefanie’s hair amazing, her mind was too! A second year law student, organizing a non-profit in her spare time. KUDOS! You ROCK!


These hoodies were absolute LOVE - soft, imaginative, adorable!!

This is the designer of Happy Hoody Friends. ABSOLUTELY DARLING!

Major Lazer had us all dancing! Thanks for taking this picture EVAN. Thanks for the MUSIC Hard Summer.



The universe is so vast... yet so small. 😉

Our Meandering muse on Hard Fest Saturday (featured above) kept popping up in our daytime adventures. We wondered  through out the day if fate would chance an encounter with him directly and provide an opportunity to share with him our observations…..

2:30PM – Westin Bonaventure – Room 1959 –

Amber: OMG!! come here quick this guy is dancing on the roof ledge of the building across the street!!! We need to call someone.

Natasha: (running towards the window) Where, where is he? Oh look he already made it….Lol!! look look he just did a little jig!

5:30PM – Driving around downtown LA, looking for parking to make a pit stop at Walgreens –

Wendy Lee: look at that guy walking across the street, he looks like he is going to start stripping….Oh yes, yes he is starting to strip!  Hahahahaha, he just flipped his hoodie inside out (from print to gold) and kept waving and dancing!!!

Natasha (riding shotty): oh hey!  That’s the same guy Amber and I saw dancing a jig earlier!

Lanell (from the back seat): Where? Hey!!!  I saw him dancing on the roof, too, earlier!!!  I was walking around the hotel looking for an ATM that worked and saw him workin’ it left and right. 🙂

Wendy: O_O wow. holy shizzle.

6pm, Illegally parked in front of Walgreens + Wells Fargo-

Natasha: Ladies, you’ll never believe who came dancing by again while you were in Walgreens…

12am, exiting HardFest and walking down the street in Chinatown-

Wendy Lee:  Tired and exhausted I’m walking through a crowd of comers and goers, attempting to dodge all of the promoters outside the gate handing out huge flyers (and papercuts.)  Pushing through the crowd I look ahead and make eye contact with a shirtless guy in a hoodie; we both kinda laughed — the ROOFTOP/STREET DANCING GUY!!!!! With my mind racing, I ran back to grab Natasha, yelling “Guess who I just saw!!?!??!!!”

We all run after this guy, grab him by the arm, and begin to tell him all the times throughout the day we had seen in walking/dancing/being free around the city, all the times we had seen him from a distance and our paths had indirectly crossed.  He turned red + silent, numbly (and sheepishly) saying, “I can’t believe anyone was watching me… or saw me the whole time…” 😀

Quick! Take a picture, Kris!!!

What a weird, wonderful, and exciting world we live in. 🙂 Where are you now roof top guy……where are you now?


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