Texas Tattoo Showdown Festival

3 days of iNK + BODY MOD madness

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Preparing to ROCK OUT.

El Paso, TX was eXtremely muggy & humid when the Tattoo Showdown took place; I didn’t need a drop of lotion the whole time I was there!  All the locals claimed it was the recent “rain”, but I’ve been to the extra-large state of TX a few times and know the air’s liable to get you wet. 😉

Gettin’ ready to open the doors!  held @ the County Coliseum

Though the convention was held inside a large air-conditioned building, it was still as muggy as a m*tha.  I have to take this opportunity to give it up to AZ right here – there aren’t many times I can agree with its ideology OR practice – but when it comes to A/C, AZ’s got it’s GAME LOCKED DOWN.  I’ve never been anywhere else in the WoRLD where the air conditioning is as cool, crisp, and PUMPED UP on STERiODs as it is in the desert state of Arizona.  It’s terrible, I know… but goddamnit all, sweet A/C how I love thee!!!!


SYNCERE Tattoo is an ALL-LADY tattoo shop! These ladies held it down all 3 days of the convention with different outfit themes eRRyday — totally rockin’.

get hooked!

Mmmm… I have definitely heard from many people that body mod is very aDDiCTinG.  I’m the kind that likes to go BiG or go HOME.

muertos + green zebra

I wish I captured her spinning 😦

6 arrows simultaneously

Hello Kitty on the prowl!

Both the horns + airbrushing were done by the same female artist – who also happened to be a tattoo artist as well. 😉

JImi Hendrix by Ernie Rojas (GoldenTouchTattoo)

the awesome Wrestling Midgets! 🙂

frankie j?

She water-marbled these herself!

700+ hours & counting


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