The Family Break Down: L.A.

Painted by ME!! (Mamastrosity)

The Family Break Down was truly a family event! People of all ages came to GET DOWN, and that just what they did. It was a 3 day event; a 21 and over party Friday night, Saturday held the popping, locking, canvas, beat, & emcee battles, and Sunday was the b-boy battle. Unfortunately I could not attend Sunday’s event cause I had to work early Monday. (Gotta make that cheese though or I wouldn’t be attending any events!)

Friday August 13, 2010


The boys from 2 ILL Clothing.

Saturday August 14, 2010

The jam was moving, and inspirational, with the constant theme of family, love, and future (our kids). We may all come from different states, but when we gather together it’s like no miles separate us.


All of Animated Family attended, and Mr. Wizard’S wife Mo, held it down with an awesome booth adjoined to mine.

~Rawk1 & LIL MAMAstrosity FBC~

PLAYERS ONLY~ Can't you read?! 😀

Warlock Co-Founder of Funny Bones Crew

The master of ceremonies, BurstRock (FBC Co-Founder), and the DJ.

Judges are you READY!?
Let the battles BEGIN!
Ms. Majiq in her exhibition performance. Funny Bones Family, Funny Bones NATION!
Lil’ B in the stripes took home 1st place for the locking battle, man the finals were entertaining! The owner of the gym kicked it on the sidelines taking in all the scenery.
There was just one thing missing from this legendary meeting of the minds, my brother, and mentor Mr. Wizard. His presence was thick in the battle, 75% of the battle attendees, fam & crew, rocked  Funny Bones Crew, Free Wiz shirts. The love was overwhelming.

It was a blessed DAY!

I adore this bitch! Miss Wax the DJ/Popper rocking Miss Wax the jewelry designer. DAMN GIRL those earrings are FABULOUS! The art on them is The Mac (MY FAVORITE, not just cause he lives in AZ) & Retina, I WANT!

YEAH we HOT! Yeah we dorks! And YEAH we're doin' the DUCK FACE! LMAO!!!!! HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHA

OH MY! What a long tongues you HAVE!

Devon your a DOLL! Jazz HANDS!

I must say I’ve been to battles all over the United States but I have never seen so many women battle in one place. I was in total awe of the surrounding femme fatale, not only were these chiks hot, they were amazing poppers & lockers as well!

By the end of the day I sold some paintings, got some donations for my mixtape, had a blast, felt the LOVE, & made memories I will never forget!

Miss Sonjas, you are amazing! You hit harder than a semi, and you are as beautiful as a lotus. Thanks for giving my painting a happy home. 😀

The Locking Finals! So fuggin’ entertaining! LOVE IT! Lil’ B and JUKO WOOHOO!!


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