-That’s YO’ Friend->

Come on, you know what I’m talking about.  We all know someone (whether it’s firsthand, secondhand, etc.) that we would Rather not know that well.  the kind of someone who you’d rather pawn off on someone else for knowing, the “oooh uh uh! that’s YO’ friend” type friend 😉 

Yes, yes, you know what I speak of. 🙂 

If strange, peculiar, interesting, and downright WRONG/CraZY personalities and characters are up your alley, check these awesome flicks out: 

Exit Through the Gift Shop - a BANKSY film

Confessions of a Superhero - it'll make you think twice

Prodigal Sons by Kimberly Reed -- Wow. Just wow. O_O

Of course all these picks (and more!) are available thru Netflix.


2 thoughts on “-That’s YO’ Friend->

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