Baby Anne: 910 LIVE

I must say, I like the newly renovated 910 LIVE: It’s a great venue! The inside holds a bar, a dance floor, & stage. They keep the air on, which in Arizona is a blessing. For some reason, in the summertime clubs think it is cost efficient to turn the air off on us, & with temperatures reaching over 110, you can imagine how uncomfortable this can become. Outside is a spacious patio with a bar, stage, & dance floor as well. Sounds good,  & even though the bar is fairly sized, you still get that intimate performance feel because the dj/band is up close & personal. My favorite! I’ve been to plenty of shows, but have found out I rather be @ a small club where I can see the performer, rather than a MASSIVE PARTY where everybody is steppin’ on me or squashing me.

Dj Baby Anne was behind the decks on this particular night, alongside the homie Dj Louder aka RUBEAR (my own personal nickname for him… haha). The outside had a good crowd for a Wednesday night in Tempe, Az. I had free range as usual, whether the homies threw the party or I’m on some guerilla shit, I’m gonna get my photo… LMAO! Baby Anne didn’t seem to appreciate it. I prefer humble, beautiful people, as opposed to hoity toity musicians….. maybe the games been hard on her, who KNOWS!? She was not very approachable, looked irritated the whole time, but played a couple of bangers. Left me wondering, how can someone so blessed still seem so miserable? The crowd didn’t seem to mind or notice…. THEY JUST KEPT ROCKIN’!




?XMAS in September?

I don’t know these dudes…. but they were rockin’ JEEPNEY! Love, love, love JEEPNEY you can find more @ KARMALOOP:

Bad ass chik Keepitight!




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