ILL INTENT 2010: The Breakdown

ILL INTENT was quietly tucked away in neighborhood community center, but it was filled to the BRiM with hiphop + community — bboys/bgirls/writers/painters/vendors/moms/dads/kids/eRRYone. You know it’s a good one when the air is heavy with beats, groove, and FUNK. 😉  Hats off to mikey (UDI) and House (FSC) for throwing the jam, can’t wait to see the next one.

The anticipation was definitely thick; cats came in from as far as the Bay Area, CA to attend this jam.  Over 130 people had signed up to battle!

some exhibition footage:

Johnny Castro, Master of Ceremonies



Besides the battles there was also a discussion panel beforehand and graffiti panels outside:

Some fancy canvas work on the inside:


I made friends with these lil’ ladies:

shORTiES! 🙂

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