The ladies of KEEPITIGHT in association with Golden Touch Tattoo present:

Even though Mr. Wizard the founder of our popping crew is on an extended vacation we are still going to celebrate his legacy. It is Animated Family’s 2nd Anniversary, plus our very own LANEEZY’s belated B-day! Come join in the FUN! It’s Miss Wax’s Bday too! We’ll have Djs w/ drummer SAUCE on deck, BBQ, Live art & display, not to mention a total of $500 up for grabs in cash & prizes. FREE with canned food donation, all proceeds will be donated to St. Vincent DePAUL It’s almost the holiday season & their food bank is in dire need of stocking. Mr. Wizard jams weren’t about money, they were about community, they were about his students learning from the BEST, O.G. dawgs. FREE WIZ! We miss you. So support your community. Come kick it, enjoy the aural pleasure & eyecandy.

DIY 4 LIFE I made ouR flyers on photoShop! {MAMASTROSITY} hit me up if you need sumthin. 🙂


One thought on “MOST ANIMATED 11-13-10

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