HeaR Ye! HEAr Ye! It’s almost election time in Az! The ladies of Keep It Tight want to remind you ONE MORE TIME to rock the vote on 11-02-10. You can’t knock a system you don’t participate in; so take that power and use it – Just remember to use it wisely 😉 With all the legal jargon, opponent & supporter statements, lobbying efforts, etc….it’s no wonder all the propositions on the Ballot are driving me mad….I will attempt to simplify some of them for the both of us and then the decision is totally up to YOU!

PROP 106 – Health Care services – What’s the point Federal mandate supersedes state law so this really serves no purpose. The language is to broad-based, and from what it looks like to me can only cost AZ taxpayers money in the future as the state attempts to engage U.S. government in a some sort of lawsuit…..This will get a big FAT no from me.

Prop 107 elimination of affirmative action preferential treatment programs – In light of the passing of SB1070 & and the fact those in power are trying to eliminate the civil rights act for our state speaks eons about their true intentions & basically – they LOST THEIR DAMN MINDS!!!! PLEASE PLEASE VOTE NO!

Prop 109 – Hunting and fishing a constitutional right – Umm yeah we may not look like those kind of girls ..But we are !!! we all love to camp, fish, & shooting too (just not at animals….or people)  I think this may go a little far though but that’s  your call

Prop 203 – Arizona Medical Marijuana Act – Are we still really thinking about this – Extra revenue for a state in economic crisis – helps cancer patients – NOT TO MENTION THE FACT TO OF THE DEADLIEST SUBSTANCES IN OUR NATION (TOBACCO & ALCOHOL) ARE COMPLETELY LEGAL – I SAY GET YOUR SMOKE ON, SMOKE ON, SMOKE ON, and pass the damn bill already.

Prop 301 – “Growing Smarter” Fund sweep – Anything with a “fund sweep makes me nervous – and as far as I can tell this is just going to take away from important programs that serve our communities – No Dice!

Prop 302 – “First things first” Repeal – NO NO NO NO NO NO NO! This prop just wants to eliminate affordable  early childhood education programs for the entire state. I should not even have to explain why these are sooo important to our communities and our children’s future!

After all is said and done, don’t take our word for it, educate yourself and USE YOUR RIGHT! IT DOES MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

You can find more information about all the props up for vote today @

5 thoughts on “ROCK THE VOTE 11-02-10 PART II – MAD PROPS

  1. You’re right–Prop 109 DOES go too far! It’s a total power grab by politicians and will totally constrict the voting rights of Arizonans. Vote NO on 109!!!

  2. 100 years ago if u were a woman, you could not vote. Do not forget the suffragists that fought to give you a voice! Margins matter!!!

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  4. Natasha… you are a light that shines brighter than the sun! Thanks for helping me decipher the props. MAD PropS too you!!

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