ZOODORABLE Saru Mo Hoodie - $36 Bucks http://www.hoodiepeople.com

As the first sign of cool touches down in AZ, (Yes it was still a blazing 96 degrees a few days ago) I can officially begin my hoodie hibernation! YEAhhhhhh! I love throwing on a hoodie and going for an evening stroll. As I  begin to raid closet for wintry things, I am pulling out my old old faves…..Oooh I love you….my Lost Black Sheep hoodie & you too… XL Coachella hoodie from 09′ are rocked on the regular. I also begin chastising myself for actually pondering purchasing more. Here are some samplings of what I will be looking to cop during the chilly season:

Tokodoki jetsetter

www.hoodiepeople.com – $70.00

I love the skyline……my only concern – IT’s White…..and the last time I wore anything white I ended up in a birthday cake battle…and my white turned frosting pink

www.hoodiepeople.com – $59.00

Rusty Glam Rock Hoodie
Drawstring Headphones – KEEPIN IT TIGHT

https://www.hoodiepeople.com/ $58.00


BB Dakota Danelea Twill Hoodie – Warmth not a factor – At least we are in Az!



Crooks & Castles - Rock Steady Pullover



The Ciel Pullover Hoody
Married to the Mob

 http://www.karmaloop.com/– $78.00

Christmas is just around the Corner =)

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