UM presents: K-OS

AZ is all about wide, flat land. Long stretches of driving and streets that go on forever. (i’m not joking. ask anybody about van buren/mcdowell/theyallgoonforever)  Among this vast heat you find a few institutions serving up hiphop + good shit on the regular.  One of these UM (Universatile Music) and another of these is Chasers, located in s.scottsdale/n.tempe right off the 101&202.

It’s a laid back lil’ joint w/pool tables, jukeboxes, and a blacknwhite checker floor that rOCKS.  I also believe most of the shows I’ve hit up @Chasers have been 18+, so be prepared to drop your drink if you wanna get up-close to the action.

i’ve seen a lot of artist not be able to take the heat in AZ; by that i don’t mean a harsh crowd (cuz please believe all of these people were givin’ him LUV) but the actual HEAT. the temperture. the degrees.  [when nas performed in tucson earlier this summer he had to stop the show, go back stage, and re-emerged in a pair of SHORTS.]

k-os was mosDEF not feelin’ the heat. there was an air of frustration heavy as the sweat in the room.

surprisingly, he came back for encore performance. 🙂

like the shirt? 🙂 head over to:

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