I was sitting in my cubicle cage @ work the other day, and let me just say being a legal drug pusher (PHARMACY TECH) is not as exciting as some may think.<—- (sarcasm) I received a call from a wonderful lady, & she just happen to be the mother of Rick Shipley of  the band Offspring. She talked with me for over an hour, she even had me call her MAMA OFFSPRING! Hahaha YEssss.Mama Offspring proceeded to serenade me with her rendition of COme OUt & PLAY: Offspring.. “You got keep em seperated!” She told me about life on stage with her son, groupies, & other exciting adventures. I told her I would share this… MAMA OFFSPRING says, “support the Medical Marijuana movement in your state & Gringo Bandito” by Rick Shipley, its his hot sauce! Bless MAMA OFFSPRING.. love to you & urs.

MAMA OFFSPRING is still .KEEPINITIGHT. @ 60….. GO MAMA OFFSPRING… Congrats on your secret as well! One love… LIFE.

3 thoughts on “GRinGO BanDITo

  1. Just came across this blog and found it hilarious, because one, that is my aunt your talking about and 2, ricky is my cousin! the hot sauce is AMAZING! same goes to the music of the offspring! 🙂

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