Speaking of Bandito’s….. or is it Bandido’s ?

…maybe it’s the fact that we are 1/4 Asian;  maybe it was Mamastrosity’s post [(?) (which post is this referring to?)(link back to that post!)], or maybe it’s the Chinese food we ate last night ..whatever the case, i’ve been craving one of our favorite Phoenix fusion spots and a local legend……who wants some CHINO BANDIDO!?!?!?!
The intertwining of Mexican-Asian (and sometimes Cajun) yummy goodness always leaves us wanting more…. Check it out, there are 2 locations for your culinary pleasure – the original spot in Phoenix (corner of 19th ave & Greenway) and a new joint  in Chandler.


Make sure you try the Jade Red Chicken or the Jerk Fried Rice …..

When you walk into Chino Bandidos you”ll notice right away that the house is always full, delicious dishes and smells are coming out of the kitchen at lightning speed, and the interesting Mexican/Chinese decor! 😀

The making of a mascot …..


Man oh Man sculpture is hard work!!


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