FrEEStyLE SeSSIon XIII: 2010

Freestyle Session XIII took place @ The Music Box, which is a dope venue located @:

6126 Hollywood Blvd
Los Angeles, CA, 90028

From what we’ve gathered from veteran dancers and OGs that have been around for more than a minute, this Freestyle Session had the lowest attendance EVER.

For the first time in Freestyle Session history there was NO line wrapping around the block awaiting entrance. In fact, there was no line all day on sat — which led to the 2nd day being FREE.  (I guess someone didn’t get the memo on the weak economy and decided $40/day entry fee was gonna bring the masses out.) 😛 Luckily the executive decision was made to make the second day free.  Even luckier that twitter/texting/Facebook/etc exists to get the free word out… Not too sure what the results would have been like had the 2nd day not been free…. yiKeS.

.KEEPITIGHT. was reppin’ from the vendor’s alley to the ciphers though. Our Dubba soldiered thru the serious wind chill factor on both days; even though the booth looked like an extra in the WiZaRD of OZ — shirts, vinyl, tarps, signs, EveRYthiNG was blowing away in the wind. I (Mamas) was only there the 2nd day…  Which I heard was the best day… Free ninety free is always great to me!!

Vendors alley… TheDopesThreads, Panic39, & much MORE!

2/3 of TheDopesThreads… House where you @?

Always a meeting of the MINDSss! <3WArloXxMamas<3 FBC por VIDA!

Bird’s eye view from the rooftop, can you make out the vendors tucked away in the back? thank god the taco truck decided to make a SiGN to direct would-be eaters + heads 😉

The 3rd floor was reserved for ciphering & the locking battles. (yes, outdoors… in the COLD!!!!)

Our fam Boogie Frantick(FBC & GStyle) getting DOWN!! Cypher Stylee..

Above the JUDGEs Legendary LooseCaboose & SkeeterRabbit OG Locker.


BABY BOOGALOO is thee cutest.. & he’ll take you out fool.. Check out footage of his phenomenal locking skills below.

Above DVS (GStyle) & Johnny5 (FBC) also Mamas & Tronick (FBC). Check out footage of Tronick in the semi- finals. Funny BOnein’ @ Freestyle Session!!

Popping Finals with Greene.  Man He’s HARD!!

FREE WIZ custom shirt by TheDopestThreads.

The planning + promotion left more to be yearned for; but with so many real hiphop heads in the house (locally + internationally), ya know we kept it rockin’ off the TOP. That’s HiP HOP, baby!!!!!