Jingly Rock & Presents 4 ALL

Not doin’ anything on XMAS evening? If you’re in the greater LA area, BATTLE!!! My brother, BurstRock (Funny Bones Crew), will be hosting. Gear up, son! It’s about to GO DOWNnn…

So yeah, I’m a scrooge grinchin’ mofo. THIS IS NOT MY FAVORITE TIME OF YEAR. Actually I could completely do without the stress of November & December. Family drama, errands galore, shopping with the masses, UGHHHhhhh, NO THANK YOU. The only thing good that comes out of the holiday season is my son’s eyes big & bright from the presents being piled up around him.  This is what a 5YEArOLD wants now a days: Nintendo DS, Lego’s, Toy Story anything, Tech Deck Obstacle Course, electric guitar with classic hot rod flames, & an amp, yes this is what my 5YeArOLD wants for Christmas. HA.. What baby wants baby gets. It’s all for that look in the morning.. My Baby I love yous…

So this Christmas I have a present for all of you! A free download of my 1st official track, I produced the beat, & my girl KG rocked out the vocals… I LOVE YOU LADY!! Merry Xmas 2 all… I’m waiting for NEW YEARs!

Lay Me Down- ft. KG by Mamastrosity


6 thoughts on “Jingly Rock & Presents 4 ALL

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