Goddamnnnnnnn, Lady Gaga

Say whatever you want about her and say whatever you’d like about her music (personally I have to admit that some of it IS bangin – uh hello? Telephone?), but the Lady is provocative and knows how to get people talking. Gaga rang in the new year by announcing that her next album, Born This Way, will drop May 23rd, and that the album’s title track will drop Feb 13th. In addition, Gaga also released the following image below of her bare-bottomed wearing only a jacket…WOW! 2011 is gonna be all about asses & unicorns! Oh, but wait! When has it NOT ever been about asses & unicorns?  I couldn’t imagine a more amazing combo! Bring on more asses & unicorns puh-leaze!

Gaga’s “Born This Way” leather jacket, adorned with studs and a unicorn stencil, was created by Haus of Gaga in collaboration with Tom Tom. Now, I’ve been following this guy Tom Tom for a minute because his creations are crazy, one of a kind, and simply amazing. He is a downtown NYC designer & can create any kind of custom piece you want. Last I heard, you could locate him at the Patricia Field Store on Bowery in NYC. Holla at him!

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