The MiM celebrates HiP-HOP!

Mark your calendars, ladies & gents.

on February 5 & 6th, 2011 the MiM (Museum Instrument Museum) will be opening its doors to pay tribute to all things HiP-HOP!!!

I’m sure you guys remember the MiM from an older post, this place is AMAZING! The architecture, the instruments, + not to mention it’s the largest museum of its kind in the world. 😉  gather up the family and bring them by both days for non-stop HiP-HOP fun.

Both days are gonna be jam-packed with music (duh!), dance performances, art, lectures, showcases, films, etc., etc. the valley’s own FURiOUS STYLES CREW will be headlining and organizing the event — so you KNOW it’s gonna be KEEPiNiTiGHT!!!



3 thoughts on “The MiM celebrates HiP-HOP!

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