The Owls have it ………

WHO! WHO! I love Owls, something about them carries an air of  worldly wisdom, not to mention peripheral vision, we mere humans cannot fathom.  Owls it seems are born with old souls; and I imagine if they could talk they would have  stodgy British accents and spend their days discussing ancient philosophy and current world affairs. Not to mention they are creatures of the night…like the lovely ladies of KEEP IT TIGHT!!!  I am constantly looking for ways to creative ways to express my adoration for these wise old birds, and discovered recently that a few girlfriends share in my obsession for adorable owly finds, check out the gems we have recently discovered:

Eco-friendly owl lunch bag

My girl copped this awesome owl ring at Urban Outfitters……

I could not find it UO online but I did find these gems:

Minimal Modern Owly Pillowcase $34.00

Another Fab rendition of our feathered friend

Owlie ring  – 16.00

Does anybody have an owlie =)

Owl bandages – 7.00

Adorable Owl pendant – 29.00

All these owlies can be found at Urban Outfitters


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