Walk This Way a.k.a “Do the HandFish!”

there really ARE a lot of fish in the sea — and they’re *NOT* just flippin’ their fins swimming about; they’re twisting/turning/pumping/floating and WALKiN’ their way around the oceans!

check out these amazing fish:

HANDFISH: The fish have highly modified appendages which function more like hands than fins. (Photo: CSIRO)

“Handfishes are small, often strikingly patterned or colourful, sedentary fish that tend to ‘walk’ on the seabed on hand-like fins, rather than swim,” said Daniel Gledhill, a taxonomist with CSIRO. “50 million years ago, they ‘walked’ the world’s oceans, but now they exist only off eastern and southern Australia.”

!!!he's on the move!!!

“Fish with hands? You bet! There are 5 genera and 14 living species of handfish, all of which are pretty rare and difficult to study. Only four examples of the pink handfish have even been found, the last being in 1999. Another species is known only from a single fish… caught in the 19th century. Overall, differentiating between distinct species has been difficult because of the lack of specimens. Taxonomically, the are all members of the family Brachionichthyidae, which takes its name from the Latin words for both arm, (bracchium) and fish (ichthys). They belong to the overall order Lophiiformes, which also includes those terrifying looking deep sea anglerfish.” – from http://animaladay.blogspot.com

just look @ those appendages!!!

*saTiSFieD siGH*

evolution & nature, your amazing expressions never cease to amaze me. 🙂


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