My FAVORITEST: Pickster One

If you’re looking for an eargasm, PICKSTER ONE is your man. This AZ local has traveled the world transcending all music genres; from hip hop to dubstep this talented man kills it every time! He is definitely .KEEPINITIGHT. pretty much everyday of the week. Pickster is a resident DJ @ AZ’s longest standing hip hop night: THE BLUNT CLUB every Thursday @ Yucca Tap Room, but my ultimate love is his Wednesday night gig @ THE SCENARIO: Bar Smith.

I literally DANCE MY A$$ OFF for hours, all that dubby goodness keeps me straight posted on the dance floor. Loving every minute, freaking every beat, Pickster never fails to keep my body rockin’. The night is filled with an irresistible mash of moombahton, dubstep, & future bass.❤ ❤ Below is a free download of Pickster’s latest live set @ 910 live, 3-5-11 from the Shake That A$$ show. Thanks Pickster!! Who doesn’t love free $hit?! <3<3 Sharing is caring maign. 🙂

You can check out more of Pickster’s music on, or contact him@ Book him now if you know wuts good for you.

Good eye!! This the homegirl Alyssa's photography. ❤

P.S. Coming @ ya sooner than later, an interview where I pick apart the brain of the one, the only… DJ PICKSTER ONE!


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