Sarah Joncas

{Throughout my life, art has been many things and served many purposes. As a craft, I have always enjoyed the act putting pencil to paper, paint to canvas and, ultimately, making something from nothing. Though my work still exists in that scenario, it has also come to mean much more. Painting is like a vehicle for me; a way of getting from one point to another in more ways than one.}

{The appearance of my work has been impacted by various sources that span both the high and low aspects of our culture, such as film, music, novels, art history, cartoons and more. Though at first look my paintings can seem very illustrative and whimsical, there exists a range of imbedded symbols and narratives that I include within each piece. Over a series of 4 years I have developed my own visual language to communicate ideas that are equally as personal as they are collective}

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    The air of my career has been compact by a mixture of sources that continuance some the big and at a low level aspects of our culture, specified as film, music, novels, creation history, cartoons and more.

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