ArtScape: Behind Melrose…

Melrose. when you say ‘Melrose’ people usually conjure up visions of boutiques/fashion/shopping (which is, of course, all true – though it has shrunk in the last few years from the harsh economy.)  On my most recent rendezvous to LA for a weekend of art, we decided to hit up Melrose for our Canadian friends – they had heard about the melrose goodies and wanted to experience it firsthand.  during the walk we saw some pieces/paintings/murals peeking out from behind the buildings and decided to take the back alley ways instead…

Hahahahhahaha, we were totally lovin’ the alleyways!

Some street-side goodies.

Ooooooooooh, you wanna know what are NOT street-side goodies?

People’s leftover old shoes!!!

Ok, so you went shopping on Melrose and found a fly pair of kicks you just couldn’t wait to jump into and rock… but come on, I KNOW you can find a garbage can to dump your rejected wears.  Or ask the shop you just bought the shoes from if you can dump your old ones along with the box there. shoes in the street???  BE SERiOUS NOW. 😛

Get rid of your junk responsibly – help keep your street/town/neighborhood TiGHT!

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