BooM SHaKe ShaKe the MOOoon

When I 1st started buying records back in 96′ I already knew I was a NINJA TUNE fiend. Ninja Tune was founded by COLDCUT’s Jonathan More and Matt Black in 1990. The record label houses a variety of artists I have collected &  adore to this very day. The music Ninja Tune puts out is considered experimental, down tempo, & trip hop. I think the genres encompassed are much more diverse, & can not be fit into a mold. Experimental in my opinion could technically be any & all types of music. If you check out more tracks released by NINJA TUNE you’ll better understand what I am talking about.

DJ VADIM is an absolute all time favorite DJ/producer of mine. I still remember the day I copped U.S.S.R. It also marked the 1st time I ever heard a track by YArah Bravo his wife (she is worth a whole article herself). Vadim always comes back out doing his already classic tracks with more soul-funk for your eardrum. Below is a free download of his MIX 4, the mixtapes features Zion I, Busta Rhymes, KRS1 drops, & many more. CHhhheck ckeck… check it out!



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