JaM oN iT: KiNGZ WAR 2

Last year’s KinGZ War kicked a good amount of ass – THiS year was even better, mosdefinitely biGGer and beTTer.  Props to J5 + Miss Wax for puttin’ on this POPPiNG + ART extravaganza!

-SerV.1 kiLLiN the GAME-

It was awesome – the walls were HEAVY with art.

My Az boys, Aztec Smurf, Price Write, & Vprolific.. Don’t forget Sauce on the Drums! ~Mamastrosity

The jam definitely had all the right ingredients: great music, mad eyecandy, and a TON of HEADS.

SO many people in fact, that just for prelims people had to go in groups of 5 for elimination.  not a bad problem to have for a jam. 😉 it was dope to see so many little kids come out to battle with the big boys!




Congrats to Slim Boogie for taking home the cake!

Can’t wait for next year’s event — I know it’s gonna be on the uP and uP 😉

One thought on “JaM oN iT: KiNGZ WAR 2

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