It makes me $ick.

“Healthcare.” “Medicare.” “‘Obama’care”.  you’ve heard it.  our country’s healthcare system is making more headlines than lady gaga.  it’s no doubt going to become a major theme of the 2012 election.  as someone who has worked inside the insurance & financial industry for more than a few years, i’ve seen firsthand how cold, cut-throat, and heartless “health insurance” really is.  large insurance companies don’t give a damn about your cancer/treatment/medication/YOUR HEALTH/etc.  they simply care about their bottom line and how it affects their board members.  cold, but true.


heard the arguments but don’t know what the hell is going on exactly? peep this.  a wonderful piece – gives a great overall understanding to the current healthcare crisis at hand.

get a better overall standing of the world:

available in dvd format (if you’d like to own a hardcopy) + luckily, Netflix.


get your learn on so you can get your VOTE ON.


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