J Carbis x Panic 39 x Mamas

So if you haven’t already noticed the ladies @ .KEEPITIGHT. love to play dress UP! There is very few things I love to do more than playing DRE$$ UP. I had the opportunity to work with one of my dearest friends for years, & mutli-talented phenomenon, JOHN CARBIS aka Skip Skoolnik. We absolutely love photo shoot, so going on missions aroundPhoenix& its surrounding cities is always an adventure. Sometimes slightly illegal, we always find fre$h spots to kill. Whether it’s climbing a mountain, posted up near rabid dogs, or high up on a water tower, we keep upping our creative vibe. John once told me, “Never Stop Growing!” I can honestly say we never have. If you want to cop gear from PANIC 39 check out http://panic39.com/ & http://www.curbservin.com/ .

Love you to smithereens! 🙂 Me & J Carbis


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