The amazing art & MiND of ViK MUNiZ

meet Vik Muniz.

originally from Brazil, this brilliant artist made his way to the good ol’ U. S. of A. via a bar fight gone wrong.  you might recognize his name from his cloud art or delicious chocolate syrup/sugar portraits or wire masterpieces; his creative tendencies happen to work their way thru several mediums, including but not limited to drawing, photography, and sculpture.

cloud MAU x chocolate MAO

during my last trip to the Phoenix Art Museum, i got the chance to see one of his prints from his ‘Junk’ series up-close and it was simply stunning.  even as a large scale print, the example of his work on the museum wall did NO JUSTICE to the actual work itself.  he is a genius with his use of micros + macros.

here’s the one that’s currently @ the Phoenix Art Museum:

L@@K how TiNY that Desk looks!!

a few more to make your eyes pop:

a lil' side-by-side

amazing, right?

as if he couldn’t get more mind-blowing, Mr.Muniz turns out to be a true humanatarian & environmentalist as well.  see how his use of trash/junk/garbage affects real change in real lives:

available thru Netflix (of course.) 😀

learn more about the magnificent Muniz here:


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