Why oh why am I attracted to THIS guy?

Tyler the Creator from Odd Future Wolf Gang

I know, right? Him? Really?

Sigh. I know. In addition to my obviously questionable taste in the male gender, you can also add cradle robber to my list of offenses because this boy is 8 years my junior. He is merely just a BOY of 20 years.

If you are unfamiliar with this KID, oh God I said it, KID, allow me to bring you up to speed. He is Tyler the Creator, the founding member of the recently-hyped, hipster beloved rap group Odd Future Wolf Gang (OFWGKTA) from Los Angeles, California. For about 2 years now, OFWG have been creating music and giving their shit out for free all over the interwebz and this has since  sparked a frenzy for anything Odd Future. They’re blowing up, having been invited to perform at Coachella 2011 with a special guest appearance from Pharrell, killin’ it on various television shows such as Jimmy Fallon, and are currently touring in my neck of the woods: Europe. You can find out more, download their mixtapes, and love it or hate it at: http://www.oddfuture.com

Now, some may find their lyrics…offensive to say the least. Subject matter for OFWG songs often consists of degrading females, rape, necrophilia, masturbation, sex, drugs, and various endorsements of other rebellious and pervasive activities. I’m not here to debate lyrical content. That’s not my thing really. In my personal life, I am an overworked law student who has to listen to, read, and write about what’s wrong and what’s right in our society that when it comes down to my music, appropriate lyrical content is the last thing I care about. I’m too busy being “appropriate” everywhere else to want to apply those standards during “me time.” I am only here to question my strange attraction to this young dude who is not particularly good-looking but rather just looks really really…normal and somewhat…stupid.

I first encountered Tyler when I attended a OFWG surprise show sometime last fall 2010. The real surprise ended up being that the sound in the venue was so fucked up that Tyler only got through a few verses of the first song before he abruptly got fed up, dropped the mic, and refused to perform any further. From that moment on, I found myself instantly attracted to his immature, childish, self-entitled, “don’t give a fuck” attitude. Sigh. Why does it always have to be the unconventional bad boy that captures my heart? WHY?

And then there was the OFWG performance in mid February on the Jimmy Fallon show…and that got me thinking, “Man, this kid probably has some serious stamina in bed…” See for yourself:

One thing’s for sure, I got my eye out on this kid (early mid-life crisis, anyone?) Regardless of whether you think his music is sick and depraved or just some cool shit to throw on while you’re coasting on the tram through the streets of Milan, Italy (how I does), you have to admit that this kid’s got IT.

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