Road Warriors: On the Road Again!


for the next few weeks the ladies of .KEEPITIGHT. are going to be covering A LOT of ground.  from Santa Fe to Colorado to Las Vegas to Pennsylvania to Flagstaff, Melotronix and Dubbs are gonna be keepin’ it BI-COASTAL!  people across the country, please believe phoenix ladies are no slouches — we’re gonna be wRecKiN’ some shop around the map. (you know we’re gonna have a ton of goodies for you guys upon our return – music, art, dancing, events, you know how we do) 😉

i see a whole lot of THIS in my future right now…



more days...

and of course, a SHiTLOAD of THiS:

and of course, let’s not forget the endless string of hotel rooms, bad road food, the joys of sharing one laptop with seven people, and last but not least, a WHOLE lot of sore a$$. 😉


(all images obtained thru google images)


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