Weekend Warriors!

alright phoenix, for all you party people out there, here’s some regular mayhem to place on your calendars:

partied thurs/fri/sat and are dreading monday rearing its’ face?  come do sundays @ barsmith for iNSTANT CLA$$iC!!!  the perfect way to unwind from an action-packed weekend and prep for the upcoming week – it features live art, open cyphers all night, beer pong, video games, and a hookah lounge! how awesome it that?!  this sunday weekly features different guest djs every sunday along with house regulars.  it will also feature the live art of  Ernie Rojas aka Ser.V1 and Dumperfoo.  see you on Sun!


this event will be a monthly battle presented by Breakstreet (the same fabulousness that brought us MYFEST.)  the kick-off event will be taking place on 5/20, and taking place on the 2nd friday of each month from that point on.  let all your poppers, breakers, jerkers, and krumpers know — COME TO THE PARTY PIT for the BOOMBOX BATTLE!!!


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