Meet Death With A Handshake

eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! if you know me you know i love GLUE. no, not the sticky stuff from horses you have to pull off your skin, but the hip-hop trio of DJ DQ, Maker, and Adeem.  DQ, member of the Animal Crackers, is obviously an alien.  His sense of rhythm and ability are straight Out.of.this.WoRLD.  Maker is the powerhouse super producer from Galapagos 4, let’s not joke around, the man is simply brilliant.  And then you add Adeem to the mix… what can I say?  The only two time winner of Scribble Jam, a freestyle wizard, and he’s got more soul than Soul Train… I’m humbly honored to call him Brother Lee. 🙂

Well, Glue has been on hiatus, all of the members taking time on individual projects, and leaving my ear drums lusting for more.  You can imagine my excitement when Adeem finally dropped his much anticipated solo album on May 17, 2011 entitled “The Volume in the Ground.”  Peep this killer track of the album:

need to get caught up on the greatness that is Adeem?  here’s a crash course:

yesyes, he MOSDEF .KEEPSiTiGHT.

wanna learn more about Adeem?  get up to speed at:

other options:


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