JaM oN iT: Global Breakdown, Denver CO

it was disorganized.  it was thin.  it was *not* what i expected it to be.  though it was TheDopesThreads first time in Denver, it seemed like it was the promoters first rodeo.  the venue that was advertised for months (even on the flyer above) was changed without notice to vendors/ticket buyers, there was poor communication, and even poorer choices — there were lunch breaks on both days (yes, the music was SHUT OFF and people were asked to go find food somewhere and return to the venue) + cameras were not allowed. wutdahail? 😦

all in all, the best part of this 2 day event was meeting NEW PEOPLE. 🙂

cheers to NEW FRiENDS!!!

Club Church, not City Hall Amphitheatre


of course i was happy to see old faces as well — DJ Element all the way from Phoenix (like me!)

here’s some the footage i managed to catch before i was told to put my camera away:


www.generationbboy.com – don’t be fooled, the robot is the reaL paRTY aNiMAL 😉

lol, more than a few people have said to please not judge Denver by this jam, that Denver’s actually way better – no worries Denver, you’re still good in my book.  just let me know when the GOOD $HiT is taking place, okay?


-some Dub SteeZe-

you know it’s all about KEEPiNiTiGHT… AND REAL.


2 thoughts on “JaM oN iT: Global Breakdown, Denver CO

  1. Damn it sure sucks that you put up a whole blog post to hate on someones event. I thought the jam was pretty dope, and any of the bboys in the top 16s would have smashed on you from what I saw in the cyphers. Hating builds nothing.

    • lol, thanks for the feedback! pls don’t get it twisted Abboy, the bboys that attended the jam are who+what made the jam as good as it was. if they hadn’t shown up the event would have been a complete + total failure. the disorganization of the event had nothing to do with the bboys/vendors/ticket buyers — all of that rests on the head of the promoter. and i don’t know what you saw, but did you get a chance to see bboy noel (who made it to the finals) or ronnie ruen (one of the judges)? i rolled to the jam with them, so don’t worry, we’re all on the same page about how poorly the promoter did + the people who kept apologizing for the jam were bboys from denver, so mosdef no smashing here. i totally agree, hate builds nothing, but hopefully real disappointment & constructive criticism builds improvement. 😉

      p.s. pls check out all of the jams/battles i’ve covered; i’m always gonna be showcasing the good, the bad, and the ugly of everything – no sugarcoating allowed.

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