Damn Girl, You Went THERE!?!?

Upon my first viewing of the film “Eyes Wide Shut” back in high school, I had no idea where to even begin my analysis of the film. I had absolutely no idea how to categorize the extensive mind-fuck that I’d just been subjected to courtesy of the late great film director Stanley Kubrick. I couldn’t figure out the overarching themes, scenes didn’t seem to connect with one another, and the whole orgy scene seemed just seemed so…arbitrary. I hated the film and immediately dismissed it.

Yet, upon one of my laid-back nights chilling in my apartment in Italy, I came across the film again in Itunes. For some reason, something prompted me to rent it. Maybe it was because I was feeling horny and I remembered the hot sexual chemistry of Nicole Kidman and her then-husband turned super-weirdo Tom Cruise…or maybe it was my recollection of that ill orgy scene toward the film’s conclusion. Whatever. I bought it…and I liked it!

The various experiences and interactions that I’d come to experience in my later adult life had somewhat provided me with the tools to understand and interpret the film’s themes, symbols, and dialogue. Wet behind the ears and fresh-faced at 16, I couldn’t possibly understand the themes of sexuality, subjectivity, fantasy, empowerment, socioeconomics, and sexual equality. Since my first viewing, I’ve lived quite the life…and by golly, I understood it.

One of the most electrifying performances and scenes for me was Nicole Kidman’s monologue toward the beginning of the movie that sends Tom Cruise’s character into a jealousy-fueled sexual odyssey. The fun starts when Bill (Tom) and Alice (Nicole), playing a married couple in the movie, are smoking pot in bed looking about ready to get it on. However, when she off-handedly asks him if he’s ever harbored jealous feelings over other men finding her attractive, the shit hits the fan. Bill then sputters through a series of seemingly inoffensive yet deeply telling explanations for why men are justified in their sexual impulses while women can’t possibly have the same sexual impulses and urges as men do. For Bill, women are only about security and commitment and being “kept.” They aren’t capable of cheating and fucking like men do…

Thus, Alice then reveals the intense, convulsive sexual desires that she once had for another man and that she would have given up everything, their marriage, their daughter, for one passionate night with the other man. Watch:

It is clearly one of the most female empowering scenes in the history of film that makes a very honest and brutal statement about the sexuality of women . SHE makes a good point – if these men only knew. If these men only knew the full extent of our sexuality, they’d be in for one hell of a shock. “IF YOU MEN ONLY KNEW”…


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