in the LiMELiGHT:

 as most of you know already, the ladies of .KEEPiTiGHT. are big on the environment, organics, and natural food.  growing your own herbs and vegetables has quickly caught on as a great way to not only eat fresh and stay healthy, but it also serves as a way to combat toxic agricultural run-off in our water sources.  wanna start your own garden but aren’t too sure how/where to start?  love the idea of planting natural goodies but are just a city girl at heart??  well look no further, is here to the rescue!

this website is an absolute breeze to navigate an d is chock-full of great information and help.  not only do they offer high-quality seeds to start your own garden with, they also have a fun blog that showcases great recipes and planting tips. 🙂  with over 50+ organic non-GMO, non-hybrid sees to choose from AND grouped packages for easy buying, puts all that delicious green goodness right @ your fingertips!

HumbleSeed, you’re .KEEPiNiTiGHT.!


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