{puttin’ it aLL in perspective}

little details of everyday life sometimes get larger than life.   sometimes it takes discipline (and of course tact) to make people or things that really don’t matter to make their way to the back of the room and out the door.

during those hectic, tiring times, i always like to sit back and remember:

via Google Images

(of course, if you’re having mental meltdown + think you need to check yourself into a mental institution, you probably should just go ahead and do so.) 😉


another great way to put the world into perspective:

available thru Netflix

it’s easy to forget [as an American] what the rest of the world is going thru and what they think & feel about America.  this documentary is one of my absolute faves.  only watch this if you’re prepared to have your eyes, ears, and (most importantly) Mind opened.


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