To bush or not to bush…

Okay, lets get it out of the way. This post is about bush. It’s about pubic hair or lack thereof. It’s about the European preference for that au-natural look and the current au-natural trend that is currently sweeping the states right now. What do YOU like?

In Europe, the preference tends to lie with keeping it real “Eve” up in here. A majority of European women are not rocking a brazilian wax job or a landing strip. Instead, a majority of women are letting it all hang out and are letting their pubes grow fast and free or keeping it somewhat trimmed like regular lawn maintenance. This preference for bush was easily apparent when I searched in vain to find a spa in Milan where I could get a brazilian wax job. First of all, it was extremely hard to find a salon that could “take it all off” and second of all, the spa that I did eventually end up going to used the super old-school wax with strips that had me feeling like my vagina had been ripped off. OUCH! In the locker room at my local gym, bushes are displayed like badges of honor. In my conversations with my European girlfriends, they tell me, “Hmph, you Americans! Why you no likah pubic hair? You want to resemble an 8 year old girl?”

In the U.S., a lot of credit for the “growing out the bush” trend can be credited to former porn star turned “serious actress” (HAHAHAHA! I’m laughing about that, but I digress) Sasha Grey. Sasha burst onto the porn scene sporting pubic hair that was nicely trimmed and maintained. In every spread and every scene she filmed, there it was: Sasha’s bush. What was admirable about her was the confidence she exhibited in her pubic hair choice. She fucked like no one was watching (pardon the pun) and came (pardon the pun again) away from every scene like “Yeah, I have bush! What are you going to do about it?” Finally, as a guest star on the popular HBO show, “Entourage”, Sasha appeared full on nude with her bush front and center. The internet went nuts. Some loved it, some hated it, but Sasha held her head high, tweeting; “this is what a grown woman looks like” and that she was more than happy to contribute to making the bush “ok again.”

Miss Sasha Grey, Everybody. Round of Applause!

Suddenly, men across the U.S. were asking their girlfriends to put down the razor and start growing out their bushes. Many women were taking back “ownership” of their pubic hair preferences and taking pride in a woman’s body in its natural form. Bush was IN!

So what do YOU think people? Is it about time that society stopped embracing the hairless child look and showed more love to the bush? Or do we continue being slaves to the wax? Or is this ongoing debate completely irrelevant when comfort IS the key?

However you see it, you have to hand it to Ms. Grey though. In addition to bush, she’s got (metaphorically speaking) balls.


3 thoughts on “To bush or not to bush…

  1. As the poet said A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush But if in that bush a maiden should stand A push in the bush is worth two in the hand! 2 years ago I guess everyone has an opinion on this one. Personally some of us single ladies like to remove it all just for ourselves and because it looks nice and clean and it has nothing to do with impressing a guy especially since I am not dating any for a very long time. The majority of men who like a women bare down there are not sexual deviants and it is just a matter of fashion preference. For example back in the 70s most people did not really do much about that region but as the Brazilian and other waxing methods become more widely accepted so did being bared down there. To me it is just a way of experimenting with your hair just like people do on their heads but this is more intimate. There is no right or wrong way to style it and it is purely personal preference. This was a very interesting hub Princessa. 2 years ago A womans bush can be very erotic and a turn on.Also a well coifed bush is also attractive as well.If the woman is beautiful it really doenst matter.Cunniligus is easier done with a pruning of the bush. I was amazed to read how many men like a bush!blondepoet I am glad I never saw that LOL 2 years ago I must be missing something here LOL.

  2. I like it when a woman either has it trimmed really short or shaved completely off. I really don’t care what Europeans think about it. I keep my own neat. It looks better, and just feels better.

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