Cliff Maynard: Chronic Art

tattoo artist by day, chronic mosaic-er by night.  though Cliff Maynard doesn’t it front, he obviously stays blunted! these awesome pieces have made their way around the internet, but mosdefinitely deserve to be showcased here as they are without.a.doubt, .KEEPiNiTiGHT.!!!

if you haven’t seen Maynard’s work, feast your eyes on these goodies:

and understand that THiS is how those portraits come to be:


from Maynard’s interview with TokeoftheTown:

As a student at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh, Cliff had the opportunity to take inspiration from the great mosaics of the past. “I was studying mosaics in school,” Maynard remembers. “I just remember sort of making this connection in my head between the tiles and roach papers.”

 “I’m always a little worried that I may run in to some trouble for my art,” Cliff told Mids Magazine. “That’s why I didn’t take my work public sooner. I think times are changing though. The marijuana movement has been winning battles left and right.”
Originals can take over 200 hours to finish, Maynard told us. “An 8×10 portrait is about $2,000 and the larger pieces start at around $3,000,” Cliff said.
Chronic Art
The artist himself: Roach paper king Cliff Maynard rocks.
The fantastic level of detail present in Cliff’s work is truly mind-boggling. When you start to grok how much time must have been spent fitting together all those sticky little bits of paper, cutting and arranging them in a way as to form a work of art, you have to admire this guy’s dedication. Hell, Cliff is a one-man refutation of pot’s supposed “amotivational syndrome.”
wanna see/learn more about stickygreenthumb Cliff? check out his myspace:


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