in the LiMELiGHT:


so it’s no surprise that we love dress-uP, costumes, + HEADDRE$$ES around here:

in fact, i’m a true believer that the funkier the headdress, the more FuN + FaB it is!!! sooooooooooo, when i was @ DJS for JAPAN a few months back and saw this amazing piece of work,

i just about DiED.  it was simply fabulous.  it caught my eye from across the room; it was large, luxurious looking, and upon closer inspection, i could also see it was finely made and wonderfully crafted.  the faux fur was soft and lush, the seams were invisible, and the fit was just oh-so-grand.  i NEEDED to know where this amazing creation came from.  the music was bumping and i could barely hear what she said, but i after making her scream it out several times, i was finally able to make out, “SPiRiT HOODS!!!”

i peeped out their site and it’s awesome!  there are selections for men/women/children in the form of everything from bears/wolves/hawks/lions/etc., the list goes on and on. just all sorts of furry creature fun to be had! 😀

doper still, the makers of Spirit Hoods are animal lovers themselves. 10% of the profits from any of the products marked with “ProBlue” goes to a charity to help benefit that particular animal; a creative way to celebrate + help an endangered specie. that mosdefinitely is .KEEPiNiTiGHT.

love what you see and wanna learn more?

check them out here:


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