-That’s YO’ Friend-> vol. 2

here’s the second installment of the “ooooh uh uh, that’s YO’ friend” series. 🙂  i’m back this time with an even stranger, crazier, and more heinous cast of characters for you to feast your senses upon.  trust, your good sensibilities will be turned up-side down and your stomach thrown around.  check out these documentaries (because fact is so much stranger than fiction!) and get your totally warPed on:

1. Catfish – pretty bad/weird/sad

2: TalHotBlond – sick, twisted, fuckeD-uP

3. Dear Zachary – truly atrocious, monstrous, despicable, and beYoND the m*thaf*ckin’ PaLe

all of these gems are available thru Netflix (of course!)

if you see them (or have seen them) let me know what you think. 😉


One thought on “-That’s YO’ Friend-> vol. 2

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