JaM oN iT: Flavor Rock, Phx AZ

a sweet lil’ POPPiNG & ALL STYLES jam in downtown Phoenix, AZ.  it was dope because even though it was a small event, there were heads from several states in attendance.  Cats from CA, NM, and OR came to show face and support – Burst Rock (FunnyBonesCrew), PopNTod (Soulbotics), and OG Ace Rock were kind enough to judge both battles.

*shoutout to 27junkies & the Barauchos for coming all the way from LA — these guys are set up + shut down PRO$! 😀

All 4 panels by Ser.V1 of Dezine AD9

there were some technical difficulties along with the way with music and the host (his reading/mcing abilities definitely left much to be desired — i think Bgirl Simi, a 12 year old girl, put it best when she said, “he NEEDS to go back to school” lol) but aside from those road bumps, there were some DOPE dancers & HYPE battles in the house that day:

(more footage available @ www.youtube.com/thedopesthreads)

**special shout-out to Rawk1 (FBC & SIC) & Raybeez for coming all the way from Roswell, NM.  not only did they travel a great distance to get to phoenix, raybeez WENT the distance and emerged as the WINNER of the Popping Battles.

Raybeez (Popping Champ) & Simi (Open Styles Champ)

***specialspecial shout-out to all of the youngsters that came out and DOMINATED this event.  Raybeez, Simi, Master Mace, all of these young cats came with their battle gear ON and put up a serious fight.  Adults better watch ouT!

extremely special thanks to PRO$PER & BURSTROCK for helping this event take place and making it the success it was.  it wouldn’t have happened without you guys! MUCH PROPS for .KEEPiNiTiGHT.!

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