.Phoenix Phun.

the heat is ON!

it’s hard to keep the energy up around the valley of the sun this time of year (anyone living in maricopa can attest to the summertime draaaaaaaiiinnnn); getting baked day and night by the abundant solar energy is hard!  even after the sun is done beating down, the endless concrete is retaining and maintaining the solid temps. 😛 staying cool (and hydrated) is a mickyfickey MUST.  plenty of water shade, spf, and cool shit to do is the key to keeping sane right about now.

if you’re around and want some cooL A$$ shit to do, check out these upcoming gooD$:

Midsummer Night’s Dream Costume Ball


Alwun House, Phx

Live drum circles, champion belly dancer, AND COSTUMES encouraged???!!? Fuck yeah.  Learn more here:





Club Red, Tempe

Yes. Hell yes.  Pharoah Monch will be in town promoting the new album W.A.R.  It was a damn long time between the initial and sophomore album (a DAMN long time), I’m pretty freakin’ happy that it hasn’t been that long for the third one to make its way into my life.  This man is (and has been) doing it on the intelligent and eloquent tip for more than a minute — .keepitight. & SUPPORT THE GOOD $HiT y’all.

stay cool while doin’ iT.

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