JAM oN iT: Flava of the Month

dope event put on by the GR818ERS and Metamorphsis. if ya don’t know what the GR818ERs are about, act like you know and check the website – i’ve added them to the blogroll.

Flava of the Month is a regular event, but this particular one was also a benefit to help the DJ Hazze Hip-Hip Dream Culture Community Center from being shut down.  Shout out to Guitar Merchant for hosting! This place was totally pulling a mullet – it was a cool lil’ guitar shop in the front and aLLLLLLL party in the back.

interested in the shirts or the art? go ahead n click thru.

www.TheDopesThreads.com & Dezine AD9

This time around Flava of the Month was a 2 on 2 Open/All Styles battle.  It was nice to see all styles being repped – bboying/popping/locking/waacking/etc.  Peep the footage:

CONGRATULATIONS to the ladies of SOUL BREEZE!!!  these lovely ladies were seriously BANGiN’ ON FOOLS ALL NiGHT. they mosDEF .KEEPiTiGHT.!!!


someone else who’s .KEEPiNiTiGHT.? the GR818ERS.

{The GR818ERS is a group dedicated to improving the community of Pacoima and the San Fernando Valley California (“818” is the area code.)  Promoting community enrichment through the arts and youth involvement they continue to be an effective youth empowerment group by throwing free music and dance workshops, as well as running after-school tutoring/mentoring programs and community information sessions to encourage parents to support the education of their children.}

These guys rock-it-non-stop-it. Bunch of inspiring-ass m*thaf*ckAS.

3 thoughts on “JAM oN iT: Flava of the Month

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