in the SPOTLiGHT:

kickin’ it in LA is a basic promise to have an art-filled weekend.  there’s no way to spend time in beautiful southern California without letting it inspire you into creating a beautiful California something.  this time around it was gonna be a large mural @ our homie’s crib – the DOJO.  the place has mad good people + energy already so to be able to experience something as special & intimate like creation there was (and is) an honoR.

first thangs first, we’re gonna need some RACK.  after a few calls the homies found out where everyone’s fave art store [ThirtyThird] was located and we jumped in the whip.

can you guess the route i took?

the xhandx marks the spot.

landed some sweet street parking and made our way inside…

…what awaited us was an aerosoL weT dReaM…

bRace youRseLf…


don’t go here thinking you’re gonna pick up a new tshirt or pipe while you’re at it.  this joint only carries tips/paint/markers/select books. STRiCTLY for the WRiTERS.

the best part though?  unexpectedly stepping square/smack/right into Kitty Litter 😀

  *saTiSFieD siGH*

those that know me know i love me a good maumau + been seeing and admiring this cool cats’ work for more than a min now. it was like walking into a goldmine. 😀 what a pleasant surprise… what a pleasant surprise indeeD!

get ur fix here:

if you can’t make it in person peep the web store (they’ve got a killer shipping deal.)


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