Romper Room?

getting ready for a long vacation involves some serious packing. i’m not too familiar with the whole laundry situation in Spain (for example there are do-it-yourself laundromats in the States, but in Hong Kong it’s a drop-off system where you pay by the pound), along with the 50 lb cut-off on luggage to fly, i’m trying to pack as light as possible. part of that strategy involves packing as many dresses (long and short) that I can. in other words, taking onesie pieces that work, fuck matching (and washing) a top + bottom!

with this goal in mind i recently tried the Romper.  you know, the top and bottom short thing that’s been popping up all over the place:

 as cute as it may be, there mosdef are some factors about it that totally suck the big one.  i think this piece might be ok around the house or to the beach/pool, but it’s just a no-go for outings in public like restaurants/clubs/etc.; something i discovered while rockin’ one out the other night.  first and foremost, going to the bathroom is a reaL biTch.  when you’re out and about and nature’s calling, you could be finding yourself in a really tight place. things are already iffy as-is when you’re patronizing any given establishment since you never know how clean a public restroom is gonna be.  add in the time factor (ie, the later it is the sloppier the place is gonna be) and you have a recipe for disaster if you’re rockin’ a romper.  around 130am (i had fought the urge to use the bathroom til almost the end of the night) i found myself in a dirty restroom, half-naked to the waist, hovering over the bowl, and desperately trying to make sure my top (which was now swinging past my knees) wasn’t playing mop to the disgusting floor.  it was like a goddamn chinese acrobat show! and really, who the hell wants to be half naked in some public restroom?! *GaG*  what happens if you’re caught in an on-flight lavatory in one of these get-ups?!?!

just look @ those joints with belts + pantyhose up there — i don’t even want to *imagine* how the pissing procedure goes in that lacey-sleeve deal. YiKES. 😛

…i guess it’s different if you have a personal assistant to who can hold it up for you/wipe your ass, but for a regular chica like me, i think i’m just gonna have to say, “thanks, but no thanks.  i’ve graduated out of the romper room.” 😛

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