naiL$ DiD: Pattern PLaY

i recently picked up an amazing vintage maxi dress while out and about in phoenix and i’ve been completely in love with it.  i love thrifting and upcycling, so hunting around town is guilty pleasure when i have time.  as i was scouring up and down racks of endless material, my eyes caught sight of something utterly lovely.  initially, i was drawn in by the sweet color scheme – peaches, teals, creams, salmons, baby blues, the colors simply screamed ouT.  as i yanked it from the mob of dresses, the pattern completely blew me away.  i was faced with a mix of parrots, butterflies, geometric shapes, marigolds, lines, curves, and just all sorts of gorgeou$ goodne$$.

i’ve been going bare for the last few weeks (or is it months?) because of a sheer lack of time to sit down and play nail salon, but i figured i was out on holiday now and what better time to sport some nice nails?  these nails are on a european vacation, baby!!! ;D

i plan on doing plenty of sight-seeing, tapas-tasting, and picture snapping with these bad boys – mosdef will have loads to share when i’m done. 😉

all you need.


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