.:Welcome to the DOJO:.

remember the adventure i took to 33third?  well, here’s the fruiT of that LaBoR! 😀

The DOJO is the nerve center of the GR818ERS – all of the activity, planning, and movement stem from this epicenter.  as i’ve noted before, it’s a place chock-full of great energy and people.  as a result of being a strong organization with a lot of support + helping hands, its walls have already been graced by many members + friends of the GR818ERS:

as you can see lots of personal fame here; names, individual styles, solo pieces.  when ser.V1 was asked to do a piece, he had something else in mind… something to give to the group + place.  with this:




it was time to make some maGiC.


between the pacoima heat + sun bearing down, doing work was NO JOKE.  plenty of water breaks + wet towels were used in this production. 😉

from sun uP to sun doWN!

peep this awesome footage by the industrious GR818ERS:



but really, work towards reaL change and improvement in one’s community is never done and the GR8s know it — keep it ROCKiN’ GR818ERS!!!

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