Discovering Upstate NY: Catskill

so neighboring Hudson, NY is the cattily whimsical town of Catskill, NY.  As it’s name might imply, this township is thoroughly devoted to feline appreciation and takes many opportunities to live out it’s namesake.  Big Baybee and I were treated to a great tour of Catskill from our even greater hostesses during our stay there.  Needless to say, I mosdef thoroughly enjoyed myself and I know BiG BaYBEE enjoyed his.  check out all this catty goodness i caught! snapped this one when rolling into town — yes, the feline love is THAT serious.  (there were lanterns/lights in the eye sockets! i’m guessing it can be turned on @ night?)

don’t even try to debate it, it’s set in f*ckin’ stone.

Up and down the main drag are a ton of themed-cat statues that were lovingly paintedby/decorated/embellished by local Catskill artists.  In fact I was informed that there are almost 200 designed cats and the city rotates them during the warm seasons.  They are then taken down and lovingly put away for the next season:


yes, i'm goin' for the ear 😀

oooooooooh, did you Mike Tyson trained w/Cus D’Amato in Catskill in those early days?? i didn’t either.

my favorite one.  i’ve got a soft-spot for greenies.

so, besides all things cat-oriented you know what else the good people of Catskill really appreciate?


any place that has so much love + respect for the maumaus & enjoys a good time definitely gets an “A” in my book!  Catskill .KEEPSiTiGHT.!!!

….i wonder if artist Kitty Litter has ever made it out to this city?


some late-night hijinx where Cats KILL!!!! RaWR!!!

lol, it’s true.  we LOVE food… and new age beverages?!!?


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